If I Ever See the Stars Again

by The Afraid Brigade

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released May 27, 2017

Written and Produced by THE AFRAID BRIGADE
Mixed and Engineered by ZACH LANDER
The drums were tracked at BLUE LIGHT DIGITAL SOUND with JOSH STARK
All the gang parts in NOTHING GOOD were JESS, NICOLE, SARAH AND NINA
A practice/recording/living space was provided by MATT LANDER as were many meals
The Afraid Brigade would like to thank all our friends, fans and family from the very bottom of our cold black hearts
for their endless love and support and for paying all those cover fees that helped fund this EP



all rights reserved


The Afraid Brigade Edison, New Jersey

Joe Ruff - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Tyler Boland - Lead Guitar, Keys
Ben Lander - Bass
Zach Lander - Drums

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Track Name: Stars Intro
If I ever see the sun again
If I ever see the moon again
If I ever watch the lights go dim
It'll be too soon

If I ever play that part again
Fly away and break your heart again
If I ever see the stars again
It'll be too...
Track Name: The World Don't Want You
Life's just a bitch with a
Chip on her shoulder
All the old folks they warn the kids
Don't you get older
It's a sham it's a muddy ditch
They leave your bones in
If you give them another inch

But since you pulled me out
From all the flaming wreckage
If there's no one else
I'll give you just a second

The world don't want you
The world don't want you
And don't it haunt you
That the world don't
Lie to me lie to me

Rocket across the night
They skipped the trial
And just locked me in
Kiss goodbye
I bid farewell to all their vacant and empty eyes
Their neon signs
And starless skies

The world don't want you
The world don't want you
And don't it haunt you
Cause you know it haunts me
Track Name: Nothing Good
The neighborhood's going to hell
The kids need Jesus to rebel
And if you can't do worse than your parents did
They'll say your work ethic was always shit
Oh I'll meet you at the ring of the bell
Gonna grow up to be a weary shell now just leave
Your shattered glasses in the mud
Going home with uniforms all stained with blood

Oh I've been wondering Honey how you sleep at night
Have all the vampires gone and got you on their side
You know the bad bad kids in the neighborhood
Gonna lose their lives all for nothing good

The bruises really bring our your eyes
Love just means staying on the sunny side
Oh I've got a broken heart and a punctured lung
In critical when the morning comes
But I'll do whatever the doctors say
You'll never get debt free when there's hell to pay
So live your life in line for medical releif
To treat all of your pharmaceutical disease

Find me running when the sun starts falling down
Find me running when the sun starts falling down
If I start running when the sun starts falling down
Find me running when the sun starts falling down down down...
Track Name: I'm in Hell
There are far cries
In the darkness of the night
Calling out why
Parades get rained out every time
(Why the sun don't ever shine)
God's mysterious gears wind so slowly

But we belong here
Beneath the cracked and bleeding sky
Farewell so long dear
Whipe your tears and dry your eyes
Love me only for tonight
There's a world that's passing by
Please show me

Love like this
Fatal bliss
I'm in hell
You don't even know me
Awful hurt
Nothing works
Fake that smile
Baby you don't owe me

There are bright lights
From the fires and the bombs
There is music
Echoing from the car alarms
(What could ever cause you harm)
Thunder's drumming as the curtains rise slow

But I have long learned what's fair and true
Always shortchanged you never get your due
And Nobody's left to fill the pews
Everybody's starring in their own show

In the end the music slowly fades
Roses thrown, the world was all a stage
But know the world
Can't stop you

Love like this
More to give
Take your time
Falling at your own speed
To the stage
Shut up and play
Fake that smile
Someday soon, I won’t need
Track Name: Dead Wrong
No there's no easy way out
Stuck on the wrong side of town
And on the wrong side of being
Believably empty
and sick of the sound

But she's been given the mark
One way to rip out a heart
And put you back with machines
All the scenery bleeds
I need a reason to start

And you could hear a sad sad song
From a mile away
We'll prove em all dead wrong
They got nothing to say
To the rotten forgotten

I’ll be your easy way out
I’ll keep you safe from the sound
Till sorrow follows you home
Like the smoke in your clothes
Even the dead aren't alone
But don’t give up on us now
Love’s just a hole in the ground
And you can follow me down

And you can hear a sad sad song
From a mile away
We'll prove em all dead wrong
They've got nothing to say
To the beaten defeated
Track Name: Let's Die Alone Together
There's a black mark
On my black heart
Full of violence
All the world’s dark
And I'm a bad joke
Only one note
So get your own rope
Cause I'm dying by myself

Fall again
All you can
Find a friend
And die alone together
Let's die alone together

But now the lights gone
And all the clouds gray
All the wars fought
All the lives saved
And all the guests leave
But the band stays
And we are dancing
As the music slowly fades